Threat to Rural Pharmacies

You may be aware that on 17th December the Department of Health announced plans for community pharmacy. The proposals included a £170m reduction in funding for community pharmacy in 2016/17. Since then it has become clear that as many as 3000 pharmacies may close. Rural communities such as Shropshire are especially in danger of losing services as the funding cuts target small pharmacies in particular. The loss of the community pharmacy in such areas will increase the isolation of the most vulnerable in our society.

• People in England make 1.6 million visits to community pharmacies every day.
• Pharmacies are easily accessible and form part of their local community.
• As well as dispensing medicines community pharmacy teams provide advice to help people get the most benefit from their medicines and to live healthily.
• Community Pharmacies help people to stay well and prevent unnecessary and costly visits to GP surgeries and A & E by supporting the frail and elderly, many with long term conditions, treating minor ailments and illnesses, prevent admissions and supporting discharge from hospital.
• Prevention of ill health by such services as Smoking Cessation, Needle Exchange, Emergency Hormonal Contraception, Substance Misuse and Lifestyle advice to name but a few.
• Provision of free collection and delivery services for prescriptions to ensure patients get the medicines they need when they need them.

The Shropshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee would value your support in keeping local pharmacies open. They therefore ask that you raise awareness and make representation to the Department of Health, Minister Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP.

Sign the online petition open until June 29th to show your support for the services and sign here:


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