Oswestry Civic Day – Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Oswestry Civic Day – 26 June 2016 – Reducing our Carbon Footprint

The UK has agreed to cut its emissions of greenhouse gas by three quarters over the next 35 years. That will result in major change to the way we use energy. Oswestry and District Civic Society will be putting on an exhibition of the ways this can be done. Exhibitors will show renewable energy systems, ways of heating your home by heat pumps and wood, and ways of stopping the heat escaping through effective insulation. Buying local reduces carbon emissions, so we’ll have local producers selling their foodstuffs. Nissan, BMW, Mitsubishi and Renault will be showing the latest in electric cars, which produce less than half the carbon of diesel and petrol cars, and no pollution in the face of the driver behind. And the bike shops will show the greenest way to travel.

Cutting carbon emissions is vital to stabilisation of climate change, but it can also save you money. Without it we will leave a wrecked planet to our grandchildren. Increased severity of flooding is known to be an effect of climate change. That may be the local dimension of a worldwide problem – so think global, but act local.

The exhibition will be in the central car park in Oswestry, from 10 til 4 on 26 June.