Police and Crime Commissioner – Budget Consultation

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is proposing significant new investment in local policing, alongside a freeze in the policing element of council tax for West Mercia in 2017/18.

The Commissioner’s budget plan has gone out for consultation with communities and partners until the 23rd of January. If approved by the Police and Crime Panel, it would represent an increase of £4.5m compared to this year’s local policing budget.

The Commissioner is proposing a budget which will ensure continued investment in West Mercia police, enabling greater efficiencies for the future whilst addressing the issues that matter most to the communities and ensuring better value for public money.

He promised that he would make sure policing budgets were spent as wisely and efficiently as possible, before ever asking the communities of West Mercia for any more. With that in mind, he is proposing a freeze in the policing element of council tax for the coming financial year because he believes there are greater efficiencies that must be achieved. However, by utilising the healthy reserves the force has, 2017/18 would see a considerable increase in spending.

The Commissioner also promised that he would reform and modernise the West Mercia police service. His budget proposals include major positive investments designed to improve police visibility in the communities, ensure better customer service and protect the most vulnerable people. It will also provide new fit-for-purpose technology that will bring it up to date and in-line with other forces in the UK, giving officers the tools they need to do their difficult jobs better.

The Commissioner is consulting on his proposals and would welcome views from as many people as possible.

To take part in the short survey, please follow this link – http://bit.ly/2iPnDdp