Affordable Housing – Hengoed

Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council have launched a campaign to encourage people to come forward if they would be interested in an affordable home in Hengoed.

The Parish Council has concerns that when people register their interest for an affordable home on the Home Point website, the fact that there are no affordable homes currently available in Hengoed puts them off selecting it as their chosen region. The Parish Council have, therefore, launched a campaign to liaise with the wider community of Shropshire and hopefully evidence that there is a demand for affordable housing in Hengoed.

As the format of the Home Point website does not give the option for people to express an interest in an area, where affordable homes are not currently available but could be in the future, the Parish Council feel strongly that we cannot therefore accurately understand the need or demand. People are put off from selecting Hengoed as a region on the Home Point form as they know that there are not currently any affordable homes available in this area and therefore select regions where there are currently houses available. This does not, however, accurately reflect the demand should affordable homes be built in Hengoed and this is what we want to explore further.

The Parish Council are trying to find out how many people have moved away because of a lack of affordable housing and who wish to return to the village they came from, along with those who may be interested in building their own affordable home in Hengoed.

This will give Housing Providers and the Council the necessary information to create housing options to meet local needs, and to plan the future provision of housing more effectively.

The Parish Council are urging people to complete the Housing Needs survey and return to the Parish Clerk before 31st January.

To complete an electronic version of the survey and email your copy to the Parish Clerk –, please use the following version:


To print off a copy and return by post to the Parish Clerk (Hawthorn Cottage, Porthywaen, Oswestry, SY10 8LX) please use the following version:


An alternative method of responding is to email the Parish Clerk directly expressing an interest and requesting more information about affordable housing in Hengoed.

Affordable housing, for the purpose of the survey, refers to affordable rent, shared ownership and other low cost home ownership options provided by a Registered Social Landlord (Registered Provider). It is allocated through Shropshire Home Point from the Council’s housing register to local people who are unable to access market housing and it will remain affordable for future households.  It is therefore essential that you are registered on the waiting list if you wish to be considered for a property.

Discounted sale housing is also allocated to local people who are unable to access market housing.

The definition does not include lower value open market housing.  Where there is no restriction on future occupancy or affordability.