People standing by the railings at Gobowen Pavilion Car Park displaying a banner celebrating 50 years of Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council.

Parish Walk to Celebrate 50th Anniversary


 ‘Beating the Bounds’ is an ancient custom in England, and many other countries, which was adopted by the Christian Church from pagan tradition.  Groups of old and young members would walk the boundary of the parish, usually led by parish clergy and officials.  It was also called ‘Riding the Marches’ – very appropriate in our area.

The custom has not been upheld for several years in Selattyn and Gobowen Parish.  To mark the 50th year of the Parish, the Council organised an anniversary walk on Sunday 16th July.  A group of 18 parishioners, led by our Council Leader, Mr Huw Ellis, and steered by Chris Jenkins, walked 5 kilometres along Parish roads, footpaths and canal-side, as a modest reflection of the actual boundary of some 20 kilometres.  The weather was kind and after the walk everyone enjoyed well-earned refreshments at the Pavilion.

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