The Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council has noted the construction of a Bike Trail at Bryn y Castell Coppice (BYCC). There are no permissions in place for this trail.

The BYCC Conservation Group has worked hard to maintain and develop the Coppice, planting saplings, maintaining and encouraging a habitat for all forms of plant and animal life. Sadly, the trail has had a detrimental impact on this work and the use of the trail is impacting on the residents in Fernhill Lane, which backs onto BYCC, and other members of the local community.

The Parish Council recognises that everyone is entitled to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of their surroundings and that provision needs to be made for outdoor activities of many kinds. Seeking to balance these is often problematic. However, the development of such provision needs to take place in a suitable location, with appropriate consultation, which protects the interests of residents and provides a safe place for recreational activities.

The Council wishes to work with those seeking to use the trail, residents, and Shropshire Council and to ensure that all interests are considered and achieve a satisfactory outcome, and invites anyone with an interest in improving the arrangements for recreation (for children, young people and adults alike) in the Parish to contact the Parish Clerk, preferably by email at

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