Parcel Delivery Scams – update from West Mercia Police

West Mercia Police’s Economic Crime Unit have issued the following warning about Parcel Delivery Scams.

Scammers will send out messages purporting to be from a genuine delivery company such as Royal Mail or one of the many national delivery companies. These may be as texts or emails.

Image of a parcel.

They will claim that the driver was “unable to deliver your parcel today” as “you weren’t in or there was no safe place to leave it”. 

The message then provides instructions on how arrange another delivery. 

This will either then claim a payment sum for re-delivery or direct the victim via a clickable link to a fake website. In some cases they may give a premium charge telephone number to call

These types of scams can be prevalent in the lead into Christmas when the public are ordering more goods on line for home delivery.

If you are not expecting a delivery and /or do not recognise the delivery company involved, do not click on the link or call the listed telephone number. Delete the message.


STOP: Taking a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information could keep you safe.

CHALLENGE: Could it be fake? It’s okay to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.

PROTECT: Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve fallen for a Scam, and report it to Action Fraud                 

    For further information visit:


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