Do you clean up after your dog, when walking on farmland?

The Parish Council is often contacted by residents concerned that dog walkers don’t pick up after their dogs on footpaths, pavements and on the playing field, but it’s just as important to pick up after your dogs when walking on farmland.

Did you know dogs can carry a parasite called Neospora caninum, which is harmful to pregnant cows? The parasite is shed in dog poo, which when left in fields where cows graze or fields growing food for cattle, can spread to cows. Neospora persists as a lifelong infection in cattle and is one of the most common causes of bovine abortion.

The majority of dog owners diligently remove their dog’s poo from pavements and paths in towns and parks but some consider this to be unnecessary in rural areas such as farmland. It’s very important to dispose of your dog’s poo in a poo bin or take it home if there isn’t a bin available.

neospora caninum lifecycle diagram

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