Anti-social behaviour awareness week

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Update from West Mercia Police

This week sees the launch of the Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week, seeing people and organisations join together across the country to make our communities even safer which very much supports our own Local Policing Community Charter.

Throughout the week across Herefordshire, Telford &Wrekin, Shropshire and Worcestershire, there will be a number of events and activities carried out by officers and authorities which will also highlight the work we and our partners do every single and night, all year round.

As well as engaging with young people in an effort to intervene early on so they don’t get drawn into activities that constitute ASB, we will also focus on those already bringing misery to their community, with officers targeting specific, identified ASB ‘hotspots’ and as a result, communities will see an increase in policing presence in that area.

Some of the activities planned for the week include focusing on specific issues and concerns raised by local communities, increased patrols in rural areas, parks, town centres and other areas where local people have told us there is a problem with anti-social behaviour.

The week will also see officers and partners engage with young people while listening and acting on any concerns from the community and there will be lots of events where officers will have inputs in locally organised meetings.

Chief Inspector Ross Jones: “Anti-social behaviour is a broad term but has very real, individual and collective victims. ASB can be things such as graffiti, littering, vandalism, off-road motorcycles, drinking in parks, aggressive and intimidating behaviour and for many people it is one of their biggest concerns in their community.

“While this type of behaviour might not seem serious to some people, it can have a huge impact on our communities and this activity creates an environment where more serious crime can flourish.

“West Mercia Police is committed to doing everything we can to tackle anti-social behaviour and it is essential that we work closely with our local communities in order to achieve this.

“This national week of awareness is an ideal opportunity to engage with residents and address any concerns that they may have and also to raise the awareness of what we do, what our partners do and how by working together we can help reduce what blights many of the places where we live.”

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said “I’ve made a commitment to deliver a better service to victims of ASB that includes ensuring the police have processes in place to make it easy to report and the resources to act on community concerns. It also includes my investment in victim services ensuring that people get the right help at the right time. I regularly hear concerns from the public about ASB and it reassuring that West Mercia Police are understanding the impact and taking action, not only during this awareness week, but throughout the year.”

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