Update from STaR Housing – Fairfield Close

The Parish Council has received the following update from Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing.

On the 1st July, Shropshire Cllr Mark Jones took the opportunity to visit Fairfields Close and was shown around the site by our Community Support Officer, Georgina Lea, and he was able to experience first-hand the unsuitability of the homes and commented “The site is poor and not helping those with existing conditions”.

The age, design and condition of these properties are the key reasons as to why STAR aspires to redevelop Fairfields Close and whilst we appreciate it is an emotive subject because it is an existing site that accommodates aged and some vulnerable people that call it their home, it is no longer fit for purpose by modern standards. Together with the support of Cllr Mark Jones we have an opportunity to redevelop Fairfields Close that the Selattyn & Gobowen Parish Council and the community of Gobowen would be proud of.

In terms of the site surveys, we are continuing with survey activities as part of the required feasibility analysis for the Fairfields Close site. Ecology surveys are now complete. The topographical and arboricultural survey results are being reviewed by our design team. 

Ground investigations will commence in the coming weeks and residents will be kept informed of any work that may impact them. Any impact should be minimal. 

In terms of a rehoming option, we have been in communication with another housing provider about their new development and the possibility of rehoming some of our tenants to their new site in 2023. Another rehoming option, is our very own new development in Weston Rhyn, which is in sync with Fairfields Close closure and this option has been offered to our tenants. In addition, we continue to consider internal rehoming options with STAR Housing’s stock.

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