Hengoed Cemetery gates

Hengoed Cemetery

For information on matters relating to Hengoed Cemetery please contact the Parish Clerk on 01691 886502.

The following Fees and Charges will apply from 1st April 2022:

The following Rules and Regulations will apply from 1st April 2021:

Memorial Safety Policy 2017


If you wish to erect a headstone/memorial on a grave in Hengoed Cemetery, please refer to the Cemetery Rules and Regulations for more information. The application will then be made to the Parish Council, via your appointed Stonemason, using the Headstone application form (below)


From 15.5.14 it is Council Policy that no interment can be carried out in Hengoed cemetery unless a funeral director is appointed to oversee the interment.

For information

Please note that from 1.1.14 it is no longer be possible to pre purchase a grave plot or cremated remains plot for future use at Hengoed cemetery.